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Music Success in Nine Weeks – Week 4 – Blog Challenge 2.0

August 5, 2010

Hey! It’s Week 4. Time is zipping by over in my corner of the blogosphere. So quickly that I’m actually posting a bit late for my liking… I was trying to maintian a Sunday post schedule. Ah well, such is life. The important thing is that I’m still chugging along. Is the fact that it was a long weekend here in Canada a good excuse? If you’re not from Canada, that is supposed to mean that you go to the cottage and consume vast quantities of alcohol. I’m too busy these days so I did not go a-cottaging. But – I did manage to get away to the Toronto Islands to catch a great show from Tim Bovaconti avec band on Saturday. That was like a mini-vacation at the cottage for sure! And it’s only a ferry away. It almost sounds like I work for Toronto tourism or something, but seriously – if you’re ever here in summer – visit the Islands. Tim is the amazingly talented fellow who played lead and steel guitars on most of my cd, “Thinking of You” (with the exception of two tracks that feature Eric St-Laurent). Tim also plays with many of Canada’s greats, like Burton Cummings, and Ron Sexsmith, and has a new cd of his own, also. Check him out! at

But, I digress; this is not a blog about my long weekend – Ok, it’s not only about that, because clearly, if you’ve read this far, that’s all I’ve been talking about – it’s about Week 4 of, Music Success in Nine Weeks.

I made a whack of notes (I carry them around so when I get a few minutes and I’m at a computer I can plug away) from this week as there are a ton of sites social media Ariel suggests independent musicians should be using, or at least have a profile up of some kind that at least points to somewhere with content. Some of the suggested tools I already absolutely love and use (like twitter!), but for some others, I have either no presence, or a slightly outdated or under-used one. So, I’m going through these things one at a time for however long it takes, until I have something current up there. It’s a slightly daunting task, but now that I’m re-reading my notes, I’m encouraged that it won’t be too difficult. Mostly because in Week 1, it is suggested that you find yourself an intern, or someone like that, and I’m pretty happy that I’ve been tasking out a few (more) things to Mike (my bassist / producer / personal chef / partner / IT guy) and it’s helping me a lot – and means I get to write blogs! 🙂

So, with respect to some main points about Week 4  – I’m already up and running. I told you I love love love twitter, and I also dig reverbnation widgets and tools. I’ve been using both for about a year now. With twitter, I’ve made some new fans across the world, sold some cds and mp3s, got some paid gigs, and I’m pretty sure attendance is up at some of my gigs because of some certain re-tweeters. If you don’t know what that means, join twitter and figure it out. Just sayin’. But, speaking of better gig attendance – a lot of that has to do with me keeping up with people constantly on sites like twitter and facebook. Also because of (love!) and the many event sites it links with, too. Most of those are on the list of sites Ariel mentions, so I just have to make sure I can add more detail to my profiles on there. I also jotted down notes from her list of 20 critical websites from later in the book here too, so I can get it all done as part of the same “job”. Or maybe Mike will be the lucky one to help with that… hmmm.

One other thing that I realized is I should get is a better digital photo device. What I really want is an iphone but I have to wait for that until after I’ve funded my trip to Tennessee this August. Then I’ll feel better about using sites like flickr and twitpic – because I’ll actually have photos. I never take photos. I think it’s because I despise having my photograph taken. I really do. The shots I use of myself are almost always the last two from the whole photo session!

And then there’s podcasting. I like podcasts. Now, I listen to mostly information-based ones, like cdbaby’s, when I have time. I think it’s time to make more time. And possibly start my own!

So at the end of the day (er…. week) I now have some “new” tasks including:

  • buy new camera + then actually use flickr and twitpic – this will be good timing so I can photo-blog about my trip to Tennessee! 🙂
  • make sure I get my tunes out to some podcasters (and think about starting my own)
  • update and / or continue to create profiles on the web 2.0 critical sites and the others mentioned in Week 4

The next post in this series wil be: Week 5 – Blogging. How convenient! I hope you’ll visit again.

Thanks for reading!



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