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Music Success in Nine Weeks – Week 7 – Blog Challenge 2.0

September 2, 2010

After 7 weeks of blogging I’m learning a few things. One is that it takes me longer than I would like to blog. Maybe I’ll get faster sooner but I think going forward, every other week might be better for me. Then I can spend one week reading and commenting on other blogs, and the other posting my own. I’m also learning that I like it. I would like to become a better writer of things other than songs.

Ah, Week 7 – the meat of it all – the mailing list. Thank God we no longer have to use the postal service. Phew. That saves some time and cash. In Week 7 of Music Success in Nine Weeks, Ariel lists 7 things you can do (ah cute! week 7, 7 things) to start getting more of those precious email addresses:

  1. add your friends and family
  2. create separate in-box for potential sign-ups
  3. bribe them onto your list with free stuff
  4. list trade with another band
  5. get mobile – start a text messaging list
  6. schedule a set time to grow your list
  7. ask your myspace friends to join your list

Cool! I love easy to follow process. I’ve been creating, following, modifying, and attempting to improve processes for over 10 years in my other part-time life in finance and administration. Some of you are now snoring, or snorting out “yikes! how boring…” but I tell ya – it’s not a bad thing to be data and process oriented – especially when you’re self-employed in the arts. If you are into that sort of nerdy stuff like me – check out this other blog challenge participant: Stephen Frost – his blogs are quite funny, and he has awesome graphs.

And so – I follow the map already made for me and my list is growing. Very exciting! I’ve had my bribe – Step 3 – on my homepage for months, and that’s working well. I am curious though – the book seems to imply that you shouldn’t have the same bribe on your website anywhere else, yet it also says you should be putting collector widgets everywhere… This confuses me slightly. Anyone else find that confusing? Are you only putting the bribe on your website? Or also your facebook, myspace, wherever else? I’m curious.

So, as far as Step 1 goes: I took my whole contact list of everybody and everything, and exported it from gmail, and when I sit down to Step 6., I compare that list to my email subscriber list and if they’re not on there, I begin the conversation. I don’t directly ask. I just start chatting and then when it feels right, I ask. It usually comes up early on though, because they generally ask me when my next show is or whatever so then it’s easy to say, oh hey – why not join my email list. And then they do. When that list is complete, I will move onto Step 7, and start the myspace friend list. I haven’t needed Step 2 yet, because they’re already in my contact export list, but I know that’s going to help keep me on track in the future.

As far as list-trading goes – Step 4 – I hadn’t considered that before. Duh. It seems like something I should have definitely thought of before. Maybe it’s because most of the artists I tend to play with at the moment share the same basic friend and fan group already. That’s part of why we all know each other in the first place, and why when we do shared shows, we get great attendance. I’m definitely thinking more about this now, and which artists might be appropriate. I can definitely incorporate the bonus live show idea and get an email collecting hat out at the next show I do for new people, and have a cd raffle. That’s an awesome tip. I’ve been at shows where that’s been done, or I’ve contributed a cd – but the key part was missing: there was no email address exchange – it was just a ticket with a number on it. Oops. I’ve made a similar mistake (more times than I should have) myself with some of my direct sales. I take the money, they take the product, but I don’t always get the card. D’oh! I’ve been trying to drill it into my head – get a card, get a card, get a card – EVERY time. I’m still not as on top of that as I like, but at least I think of it now. Thankfully, when I do forget, I sometimes remember their full name, and I seek them out in the social media world, or sometimes, they find me first and then I put them onto my list to ask. Get a card, get a card, get a card.

Step 5. The text messaging list. This would be a great idea if I didn’t live in Canada. Even here in Toronto – the largest city in the entire country – we have crap rates for that kind of thing. Very expensive. I was just down in Tennessee 2 weeks ago and became painfully aware of how much more certain things cost up here. Cellphones and data plans, gas, beer… It’s a tad disturbing actually. I had to disable my text messaging recently because my carrier started charging me for incoming texts. From THEM! Needless to say, until things get more affordable, or I get an iphone with a reasonable plan, Step 5 is on hold.

Step 6. The work part. Easy when you set the time. I have the spreadsheets. I just work down the list. Slowly, I’ll admit, but as they say – slow and steady wins the race.

And there you have it. Week 7 in a nutshell. And you know what? Those addresses really do = $. It really WORKS! My email list is getting to be a nice number and guess what? I just updated my music revenue spreadsheet to the end of August and my revenue is up 40% ! I’ve earned so far this year, the same amount of money from music that I made over the entirety of 2009! If that’s not Music Success – I don’t what what is.

I’m so looking forward to my list building time this weekend!



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  1. September 3, 2010 1:20 am

    thanks for the mention!!! 🙂
    data and process oriented…four thrilling little words.

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