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Music Success in Nine Weeks – Week 8 – Blog Challenge 2.0

September 4, 2010

Real live networking tips. That’s the stuff of Week 8 – Music Success in Nine Weeks. I’m a natural networker in most settings. I like to introduce people to other people, and get people talking about themselves. People fascinate me, and because I’m also polite (usually!), I tend to let others talk rather than babble on about myself. Don’t get me wrong, I can talk a whole lot too much sometimes, but it doesn’t tend to be about my music, or my business.

I used to be a shy person. At some point in my adult life I got over it. Mostly by necessity. I had some jobs that required an outgoing nature – that’s probably why I chose them. So I could learn to be an extrovert. But, nobody would say I’m shy anymore, including myself. I’ve also been getting good at remembering people – their names, other random details. Partly because I have a good memory, but mostly because I choose to remember. I’ve been co-hosting open mic / songwriter nights weekly for over 4 years, and I introduce and thank people on the microphone constantly so I sort of have to.

It’s also helpful for the next time they come back to know who they are – and they appreciate it. I confess too, that I get a kick out of knowing someone’s name who has forgotten mine. They usually feel guilty. It’s even better when I’ve also just asked about their sister/cat/boss/birthday or whatever that they mentioned to me when we met. 😉

But – when memory fails – you have that card you collected, or some piece of paper you scribbled on, or a previous email string from them to remind you of who they are. Not always at hand when they are in your face, but I find if you’ve written something down, you almost automatically remember it. Sort of like from Week 1 – if you write down your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them. It makes perfect sense. I’ve done it all my life. I have schedules and time-lines for every project I undertake – and I get things done – but for me, follow-up has always been the most difficult. It’s very time consuming to do it properly. Because of that, I won’t pursue most opportunities if I know I won’t get around to the follow-up. If I really want something though – I always follow-up – it usually works. I know that to be the case in reverse. If someone wants my help / time / blood – the ones that ask more than once, get it.

I like the tip about going places the opposite of your industry. That also makes perfect sense. I’ve sold lots of cds at house parties and camping type parties when the guitars come out, but I don’t sell as many at my open mic night – the room is full of other musicians. I need to go to more places where my potential customers are hanging out. When I get some good customer data from my surveys, I’ll have some better ideas for new places aside from the usual.

So, at the end of the day, or in this case – Week 8, when it comes to making connections with people, we come back to these key messages from throughout the book:

  • get a card/email – make it about them
  • have your elevator pitch ready for when it’s your turn – get them in the funnel
  • follow-up, stay in communication – keep them in the funnel

Simple, huh? 😉

Happy networking!



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