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Music Success in Nine Weeks – Week 9 – Blog Challenge 2.0

September 5, 2010

Wow. We’re here already… Week 9… What an amazing thing. What an amazing book! I can’t believe I made it through the whole blog challenge. It was a challenge. I won’t kid you on that. But in a good way. If there’s one thing that this book, this guide, this tool – Music Success in Nine Weeks – has reminded me, it’s that being busy is no excuse to not get things done.

Life is always out there happening to you, and there’s always going to be competition for your time and energy. The trick is to set your goals, and then stay the course. Sure, I got behind in my blogging some weeks. Sure, it took me an eternity to finish my pitch from Week 2. Sure, I haven’t finished going through my web updates from Ariel’s list of 20 Critical Web 2.0 Sites, and some others from Week 4. I often mess up and miss getting someone’s contact information. And I’m not finished my marketing funnel ideas from Week 9 either because I need to get my list just a little bigger so I can survey my customers (and not waste time selling them something they don’t want), and there’s a possibility my blog research from Week 5 will take way longer than I would like too, but – that’s just how it goes. I’m still going to plug away. That’s the point. It’s not like you just do this “business” thing for 9 weeks and then you’re done and off you go back to your old way of thinking. It’s a process that takes time, and revisions, and repetition. It’s learning and application and analysis and learning again. And I like it.

I happen to have a business education and background, but I hadn’t applied it to my music. I wasn’t exactly sure how to do it. I wasn’t ready to unleash my art/self/soul into the world willy-nilly without being prepared. At this point, I am. I have a back catalogue, and a pending release. I’m in other bands as a side musician (drums, backing vocals) as well as my own. I’ve been performing very regularly for many years. I’m co-writing. I’m collecting emails and sending out communications. But now I have real goals set. Things that I really want. Things that are achievable. And an actual process that works to follow. It’s saved me a ton of headaches and time. I’ve seen more results in the last few months than I usually see in a full year. My revenue is up 40 %, my expenses are down (exact % still to be calculated), my mailing list is almost double, my newsletter writing is getting better, and I have the tools and knowledge to set up an effective promotional plan for my next release, and my ever-expanding business. And I know it will work. It already is. All because I took the time to read and apply the things I learned from a book by Ariel Hyatt, called Music Success in Nine Weeks.

In January of this year (before I read the book) I had started serious research and reading about the “new” music business and how I was going to work better within it. I had discovered Ariel and her musicthinktank segments and her book, and I was interested. I signed up for her emails, was reading her newsletters, and downloading her free pdfs, and I was really liking them. I decided I wanted her book – I needed a process. I was just about to order it, when I saw in her newsletter that she was coming here to Toronto and was having a contest to win dinner with her, etc. (see Week 1). I’m so glad I entered it. I’m even more glad I won and got to meet her. And I’m extra super glad that I have her book, and I’m using it, and it works. Period.

Thank you so much, Ariel! You’ve saved me months of struggle, indecision, and possibly ineffectiveness. If I could reach through cyberspace I would give you the biggest hug… I’m going to try anyway – S-Q-U-E-E-Z-E!!!

Music Success in Nine Weeks WORKS! Buy it. Read it. Be it.

Thanks for reading! Cheers – to your success,



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