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Fans (soft) Rock! Thank You!

November 15, 2010 Jarrett, CD Cover

Over the years, emails and comments from music lovers and fans have kept me going during those less than bliss-full times. Recently, one of those wonderful people discovered my song on his Philips mp3 player, and wrote to me to say how much he enjoyed it. He said, “I’m glad you wrote this song and I had the honor of listening to it… It kinda made me cry …. and that’s a good thing if you’re an artist trying to reach the anonymous masses with your craft. Nice job.”

If that wasn’t cool enough, he then took the time to write a complete review of my song, “How Long”.

Amazing!!! I absolutely love that my music is reaching people who appreciate it!

So this post is my thank you to music fans, and everyone who’s taken the time to write, or review or comment about an artist, or their work. THANK YOU!

And a special thanks to Fred for the below review – and your thoughtfullness.



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Kim Jarrett, “How Long”

The first line in the song is straightforward enough and sounds like the entree’ to a country/rock/cross over song about two people who have broken up. OK, we’ve seen that movie before. Well, we quickly learn that the separate lives intoned by the narrator are one outside and “…one in my mind.” Whoa !!! Not Faith Hill anymore!! And then the first installment of posing the question of continuing this and the closing thought that one is breaking — not just “breaking up” — but something that gets to be far more profound and dark.

As if this isn’t enough the double barreled refrain ends by the question: when “it” leaves me. “It!!!???” The ambiguity of this is very strong and it makes the lament something about the tangible not just the ephemeral swirling of emotion.

And then we are taken another step: the narrator is “cut in two.” Further compounding this, neither part is even owned; even the severed is lost. (This is already one helluva song and it’s taken Kim Jarrett only eight lines of verse!)

Finally, there is collapse and surrender. The word “destroyed” tells it all; it’s a fall that does not relent: broken, over; the abyss has stared back. I don’t know if this was intended but the chorus that follows is abbreviated, as if the broken one can’t muster the composure to complete the questioning laments or the song itself has broken under its own weight.

Last but not least, Jarrett really “sells it.” This accolade is usually reserved for stars in Broadway Shows but here her voice matches prose, hand in glove, a special delivery of a well crafted musical package. The voice is both smooth and sweet, alight and alive, but a gray droning messenger whose phrasing tells us something very deep.

The song is really a downer. In some respects “the blues,” but not one of whiskey and bad times, but one of hearts and minds. And like the blues, the song shines for its economy of expression, simple elegance, powerful symmetry, and disturbing poignancy.

Alas, we need these “downer” songs; we cherish them because as we sing along either on the outside or in our minds, they leech out what darkens the head and poisons the soul. Artists aren’t missionaries; they’re therapists; they help us continue. Thanks for the session Kim.
Fred J. Viskovich, Florida, USA

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