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Sunday Night Jam with Kim and Mike at Spirits Bar and Grill

April 21, 2011

Spirits Bar and GrillWow!

It seems like yesterday when Mike and I started hosting Tuesday jam nights. I was so reluctant at first too… Ok, no. Reluctant is the wrong word. I believe I said, “No (insert expletive) way do I want to host an open mic”, but then, after sub hosting a few for some friends, and a friend wanting our help to start one, I figured why not give it a go. And here we are 5 years later! As they say… never say never. And they are so right. I LOVE hosting jam nights!!

We’ve met so many wonderful people over the years who we now consider good friends, and it’s always a treat to hear people’s original music, and their interpretations of more “famous” songs. I’m still surprised that no one writes the same song, despite similar themes, and chord changes. Music is so amazing!

So – in celebration of five years and because Mike & I love these nights so much, we are starting a new one May 1st on Sunday nights at our favourite neighbourhood bar – Spirits!

We’re sooo excited about it, because 1. we love our neighbourhood, and 2. we LOVE this bar! The staff are AMAZING (some may even play some tunes at the jam!), and they have an excellent selection of micr0-brews too. They also have a wicked fun Comedy Open Mic Night on Wednesdays hosted by Jo-Anna Downey. We should probably just put some cots in there because we find ourselves there so many nights after gigs. For those of you who used to frequent our Tuesday Night Jam down the street at Slack’s, you already know this because you’ve come up the street with us to Spirits many times after that jam! Here’s the Sunday run-down:

  • Set 1 – Jam – 9pm
  • Set 2 – Guest Set – 10pm (followed by a raffle at 11pm)
  • Set 3 – Jam – 11pm – 1am

There will be a house keyboard, and I’m bringing my old Norman acoustic guitar for people who either don’t bring one, or who don’t have a guitar with a pick up. There are also always people willing to jam with you, if you would like – on guitar, keys, or whatnot. You know I love a good backing vocal, but also – I’ll have my drums on hand if anyone wants me to back them up, and Mike of course is always willing to provide bass and backing vocals.

We’re also excited to have a special guest set each week at 10pm (who are already confirmed to the first week of July!), followed by a raffle! Prizes will vary depending on what I wrangle up each month, but they will be different every week, and there will be cds involved from some of the artists, too. If anyone reading this has something they’d like to donate as a prize, please let me know! I’d be very pleased to include you in my blogs each week about the jam, and upcoming guest act.

Check out our May Guest line-up here and do come by to join the jam, or just hang out! $5 pints of Keith’s and $7 Appetizers (excluding nachos) are on the Sunday menu, and – Spirits is always open until last call so we can all hang out together for the rest of the night, or perhaps the jam will go later. Either way, awesome, right? And hey – you might be a big raffle winner! 🙂

So that’s Sunday in a nutshell. YAY! We look forward to seeing (and hearing!) our friends new and old, and meeting even more fabulous people! We know this night is going to be so much fun, and we’re so pleased to continue to bring FREE live music to the heart of Toronto!

Stay tuned for my next blog about our special guest for Week 1 on May 1st – Neil Blackwalk’s, 3LD!



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Update Apr 28
*house drum kit and amps provided by Long & McQuade
*house keys and guitar provided by Kim & Mike


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