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Dear Thief – An opportunity for growth wrapped up in an unfortunate incident…

January 17, 2012

First, a haiku: you can steal my things /but you can’t steal my present / i have the power

If you’re my facebook or twitter friend, you probably read my recent status updates regarding the theft of Mike’s iphone, and the whole incident got me thinking. A lot…

At first, we/I went through the sort of normal grieving process (I’ve noticed when you say you lost, or someone stole your iphone, people sigh and look just as sad as when you tell them someone died), complete with all the anger. Then, after a full day of that – seriously- the ENTIRE day, *every minute* it crossed my mind – I noticed cynicism and depression starting to kick in and decided that was no way to proceed. It was also “Blue Monday” that day which probably didn’t help matters, but that could be an entire blog of it’s own…

So, I decided to try to look at the matter from a different perspective in an attempt to stop driving myself crazy thinking about it. I’m pretty easily driven to obsessive thinking and behaviour and it’s an absolute necessity for me to deal with things like this in productive ways. I’m pleased to say it’s working very well, and now I feel the opposite of angry and cynical, which is – well… awesome!

Even though I am not rich by any stretch (in fact I am among the poorest of the population in Canada according to statistics and their measurements –  not my own personal ones) and our iphone purchases were the *only* things we’ve bought for ourselves in almost the last decade, and we were soooo very disappointed by the loss… I have decided to think of the whole situation this way:

Dear Thief,

While I can’t begin to understand your motivation for stealing my partner’s iphone (while he was tuning his bass to play music for FREE for the community I might add), I do understand that you’re obviously not a very aware, or evolved person, and that’s really not your fault… Everyone is on their own path of evolution, and clearly, I’ve evolved well beyond you. At first you made me feel sorry for myself, but you must be in a worse place than me, because you obviously think so little of *yourself*, that you had to resort to stealing someone else’s property in an attempt to survive. You probably aren’t even aware that you stole from the some of the poorest people in the room, but at least we can say that we have unlimited earning potential, and you clearly – have none.

I can only hope that we helped you more than you hurt us. Perhaps your children were able to eat, or you were able to keep a roof over your family’s head for another winter month. If that’s the case, then I’m happy to take the hit, and I hope for your sake that you learn and evolve in some way in this life, and save yourself some time and pain in the future. In fact, I would have been more than pleased to inform you of the many resources available in this city (from places funded by United Way Toronto, for example) if you had bothered to take the time to consider that we’re all connected, and that most of us are aware individuals functioning with compassion and empathy, who would have tried their best to help you.

Thanks for the opportunity to be reminded, once again, of what’s really important in this life:

The present. My peace of mind. My determination to not view the world as you do.


Kim (& Mike)
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