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Open Jam Sundays with Kim & Mike at Spirits – Week 41 with Robert Graham

February 15, 2012

Spirits Bar and Grill

Open Jam Sundays with Kim & Mike @ Spirits
642 Church St. (just one block south of Bloor)
Toronto, ON M4Y 2G3
Sundays: 9pm – 1am

Upcoming Special Guests:
Feb 19th @10pm – Robert
Mar 4th @10pm – The Russell Leon Band

Yay! Mike & I really enjoy weeks at Spirits where we have special guests come out to do a set. You may remember the hilarious  – and talented – Robert Graham from a few weeks ago (week 36 precisely) – we’re pleased to have him back again. I had so much fun jamming with him last time, that I’m going to have more of it – I’ll be joining him on backing vocals (with James King) for some gigs at a Laundromat soon, too. Seriously! I’m looking forward to it – a vapor lounge is the strangest place I’ve played so far, perhaps this will beat it? Check out his website ( for more details, and come see him live at Spirits – Sunday, Feb 19 @10pm

And don’t forget to bring your guitar and play a few songs yourself! Mike and I will join you on drums and bass, and backing vocals. A keyboard is also available – and often someone to play it with you (if you don’t play it yourself). Or, just listen while you enjoy a $5 pint or a $7 appetizer. The staff are great (woo! Krista!), and the atmosphere is comforting like a family, but without the fighting part. At least, that’s how it’s been described to me, although I may have taken some liberty and tweaked it a little… The words comfort and family were definitely involved though.

So the point really, is to say: we always have a ton of fun, and we love sharing music, and our Sunday nights with you. Thank you!

See you at Spirits,

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