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June 26, 2013

Things in my life recently have got me to thinking about what “success” is.

It’s easy to try to define it in terms of money, and power, but is that *really* what it is?

liftarn_Smash_capitalismI used to think that success meant a lot of money. Like a ton of it. I no longer define it in terms of money at all. In my “older” age, I’ve come to realize that money doesn’t mean what it used to mean to me. It’s only a tool to provide access to opportunities. Of course, a lot of money makes all of that easier, but not having a lot of money isn’t a deterrent in itself. Also – the more money you have, the more you tend to spend – unless you actually use a budget and stick to it – which I do, by the way. Obsessively, in fact, but that’s another post!

When I was a teenager, trying to decide what to “do with my life” in terms of a career, I avoided the idea of music. Mostly because I wasn’t aware of the multitude of career paths in that industry, and because I was still relatively uncomfortable performing in public. Also, as a female who excelled in math and science, I was pushed (er, gently nudged?) onto a path around careers like that from teachers, and well, everyone. The only thing I knew, was that I couldn’t picture myself in a day-to-day, 9-5 role in any capacity. I couldn’t picture the house and the cars and the kids. When I thought of my future – I saw – nothing.

I won’t get into the details of my life between the ages of 18 and 25ish in this post, but, during that time, I attempted to follow a more standard path to “success”, and failed quite miserably. Miserably being the operative word. Maybe this happens to everyone in early adulthood – I mean, how else do you discover who you are and what you want? I know I’ve had even more challenging situations in my life since then, but they haven’t seemed as difficult. I can only assume this is because I am living my life more in line with my values, and my own definitions of success, because I know it’s not about money (or often, lack thereof, in my case).

Do I have a point to this post? I think so. I’m reminding myself that it’s all good. I make choices based on myself. Not on others, and especially not on the expectations of others. I love where I live (my city, and my apartment). I love my life partner. I love even more that he’s my musical partner, too. I love my jobs. I go to sleep happy. I sleep very well. I haven’t found myself grinding my teeth in almost a decade. I wake up happy. I’m happy throughout the day, and throughout all the trying circumstances that life throws at me. I’m grateful for all of the challenges, and the opportunities that friends, family, and strangers have given me. I have more than most of the world. I have enough.

This is joy! This is life! THIS IS SUCCESS!crotchet-dot-black-happy

How do you define success? Do you have enough? Please let me know in the comments!

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