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Writing, writing, recording, recording…

June 18, 2014

Oh boy.

Busy, busy, busy!

A while back I posted about how I was shifting my focus back to my first love: songwriting. Of course, Mike & I have still been playing some shows, and private events but I’m really enjoying the break from slogging gear up and down the street/s to host jams… Miss the jamming part, but not the set-up and tear-down. Not one bit! 😉

Happy to report I’m having a blast on the writing side. I’m in the middle of two recording projects! A new release of my own, AND a duo project with my friend, Elana Harte! We’re doing a bunch of the tracks we’ve posted on youtube (among others) that have yet to be released on a recording. So fun!

And as for some other songs Elana & I have written – some have been immortalized by the kickin’ blues/rock members of Elana Harte & Stiletto Flats! The band is comprised of Elana Harte (obviously), Jen Benton (bass), Lucio Agostini (guitar) & Robyn McDonald (drums). Live you can often find Jennifer Brewer with them on backing vocals, too.

I’m so honoured these fine folks decided to record them!*

The EP has only been out for a little while, but it’s already received some radio airplay on stations like CHMR 93.5 FM in Newfoundland, & CHIP 101.7 FM in Quebec.

If you like blues/rock, I recommend checking out the EP from Elana Harte & Stiletto Flats on itunes, and go see them live in Toronto soon! You’ll have fun. I promise. Plus, you could pick up a physical copy of the EP directly from the band.

Elana Harte & Stiletto Flats







Till soon – keep on soft rockin’ !


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*disclaimer: my bias is showing since I not only co-wrote 4 of the 6 tracks, but also sang some backing vocals with Jennifer Brewer on the EP, but even if I wasn’t involved – I’d still dig the music! 🙂


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