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Fall 2014: Christmas Every Day, Bare Bones & Up Front 2

October 4, 2014

Fall is my favourite season. I think it has to do with the changing of the weather, and the beautiful colours of the leaves. It’s also a time of reflection and planning for the seasons to come.

So, what have I been doing with myself the last few months? So glad you asked! Here’s the run-down:

I mentioned in my last post that I’ve been songwriting quite a bit, and working on some recording projects. One of them is about to launch this month, and with it, we’ve attached a very ambitious goal. My partner in co-writing crime, Elana Harte, & I wrote a non-traditional holiday song, “Christmas Every Day”, and it is our hope that we can use it to not only promote awareness of hunger in Toronto, but raise $10,000 (yes, “ambitious” definitely applies!) for Daily Bread Food Bank. We recorded it with some other community-minded musicians and artists (20 of us in total!)* who donated their time and talents, dubbed “Toronto Musicians for Change”, and we know you’ll enjoy the song, and support us in our fundraising efforts.

We will keep everyone up-to-date on the release of the song and the campaign launch on our facebook page, so I encourage you to please visit and “like” it to learn more and contribute:

Christmas Every Day

*Mitch Girio/Slaugherhouse 754 (co-producer and engineer), Elana Harte (co-writer, co-producer, lead vocal), Kim Jarrett (co-writer, co-producer, back vocals), Cathy Marchese (drums), Mike Costantino (bass & back vocals), Lucio Agostini (guitars & back vocals), Janet Whiteway (piano, organ, back vocals), and a group of backing vocalists: Jennifer Brewer, Elaine Dark, Marianne Mazur, Sarah Hiltz, Amy Kate, Denise McRiner, Lee Taylor, Angela Saini, Pamela Gilmartin, Marcia McVean and Cheryl Beatty. Plus two anonymous contributors of visual art.


We are so looking forward to sharing our song and campaign launch, “Christmas Every Day”, with you all!!

In other news, Elana & I were pleased to once again act as co-producers (along with Lanrick Bennett, Jr.) of the second installment of Bare Bones & Up Front presented by The Toronto Centre for the Arts. Already 4 weeks in, Bare Bones & Up Front 2 is in full swing! Check out the show listings at and head on up for one (or more) shows on an October Thursday night!


Till then – keep on soft rockin’ !


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