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Campaign Update! Christmas Every Day: Toronto Musicians for Change – Daily Bread Benefit

October 28, 2014

It’s time for a campaign update!

So… Thank you so much for your support so far! We are 2 weeks into our campaign: Christmas Every Day: Toronto Musicians for Change to benefit Daily Bread Food Bank.

That means we have just a little over 6 weeks left to reach our goal of $10,000, by December 14th, 2014!

And, we’re only at 4% of goal today. Yes, $10,000 is steep but – we know it’s achievable.

Won’t you please support Daily Bread with a tax deductible cash donation*? In return, we’ll send you a free mp3 of the song, “Christmas Every Day”, that I co-wrote with Elana Harte, and recorded with 18 other people who volunteered their time. Musicians don’t often have the financial resources to donate money. But they do have talent. And they gave it freely, and generously. This is Toronto Musicians for Change**, and this is our donation.

Please donate directly to Daily Bread today by clicking here:

Have you seen our campaign video yet? This is it:


Poverty, and the affordability of food, is an unfortunate reality that many people face in our community, and the artist community is no exception. Every year thousands of people across Toronto rely on food banks. Daily Bread serves these people through neighbourhood food banks and meal programs in over 140 member agencies and 200 food programs.

Join us in fighting hunger in our communities and donate today

As a thank you for your donation, we will send you an mp3 of our original song, “Christmas Every Day”

Please click this link to donate now, and receive your copy of the song

Thank you for your support of Daily Bread, and people in need via our Christmas Every Day: Toronto Musicians for Change campaign!


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To keep up with news about the song, and campaign please visit

To learn more about Daily Bread Food Bank please visit

*Donations of $10 or more will receive a tax receipt! If you would prefer to donate cash – please get in touch and we can make that arrangement.

**Volunteer performers include: Cathy Marchese (drums), Mike Costantino (bass & back vocals), Lucio Agostini (guitars & back vocals), Janet Whiteway (piano, organ, back vocals), Elana Harte (lead vocal) and a group of backing vocalists: Kim Jarrett, Jennifer Brewer, Elaine Dark, Marianne Mazur, Sarah Hiltz, Amy Kate, Denise McRiner, Lee Taylor, Angela Saini, Pamela Gilmartin, Marcia McVean and Cheryl Beatty.

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