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Beautiful Salt – Between Us – Live Performance Video!

September 4, 2015

Hi folks!

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve blogged. I *almost* feel bad about that, but I’ve been enjoying spending time with people offline instead. Quite a concept to actually spend physical time with people in their physical presence! Scrolling social media and reading blogs can make it seem like you just saw someone since you know what they’re up to, but it’s not the same as face time.

Some of this face time has been spent working on tunes I co-wrote with Elana Harte. Since we’re working on a full-length recording, we’ve been doing a little performing/rehearsing to prepare. We call our project “Beautiful Salt”. If you want to know why we chose that, you’ll have to come out to a live show where we attempt to explain it. 😉

Here is a live video from a recent gig at Relish Bar & Grill in Toronto! We had Lucio Agostini and Mike Costantino join us on guitar and bass, too. We hope you like it! Like – literally, please click “like” if you do! And while you’re at it – please pop by our Beautiful Salt Facebook Page and give us a “like there too! Then you can keep updated on our recording, and live shows!

Hope to see you offline soon! Until then – keep on soft rockin’!


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